Charlotte Smith

 Globetrotting Fashion Anthropologist

"Becoming the custodian of a priceless collection of fashion

sounds like every

woman's dream come true." 

When I discovered that my American Quaker godmother, Doris Darnell, was bequeathing her vast collection of fashion to me I had no idea how completely my life would change. 

Once shy and happy to be in the wings, my passion for the 9000+ dresses and accessories, showcasing 300 years of fashion history, has catapulted me into the limelight. 

The Charlotte Smith Fashion Collection is considered to be the largest private collection of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It is not for sale.

Owning the Collection has opened doors and allowed me to meet extraordinary people around the globe.

My two best selling books, Dreaming of Dior and Dreaming of Chanel tell the stories about the women who wore the dresses in my Collection - published in Australia, New Zealand (HarperCollins Australia), England (Harper360UK) and America (Simon & Schuster USA). My third book, One Enchanted Evening (Affirm Press, Melbourne), published in November 2017, continues the Collection's unique story.   

I am passionate about the potential fashion has to empower and for my Collection's capacity to inspire, educate, mentor and entertain from Sydney to San Sebastian, from San Fransisco to Sao Paolo.

My fashion motto:

The Past Inspires the Present

and Creates the Future.

Please join me on this fabulous adventure. 


Charlotte Smith and

The Charlotte Smith 

fashion Collection

are based in

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Tel: (61) (0)416 463 331